Zoo Veterinarian

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Left to right:
Dr George DVM, Christine Schlecht LVT, Dr. Andrew Duke DVM, Dr. Gregory Sand DMD, Sharon Martin Dental Assistant.

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Left to right:
Sharon Martin, Dr. Gregory Sand, Dr. Andrew Duke

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Dr. Smith, starting to remove a grapefruit size fat tumor(7 lbs.) on a chimpanzee leg.

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Dr. Smith, with tumor.

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Dr. Smith and Bonnie Smith assistant(RN), ready for next operation to remove tumor on belly.

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Dr. Smith, his daughter Kelly who is in veterinary school, his son Mathew, and Donna Foggle (Vet. Tech.) perform a castration on an American Black Bear.

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Dr. Smith and veterinary technician Susie perform a castration on Sultan the Siberian Tiger.

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Dr. Smith and Susie perform a teeth cleaning, blood sample collection and general health check on Sable the Cougar. Her checkup revealed teeth tartar buildup, arthritis in her joints, and the blood test revealed kidney damage.

Dr. Carl Smith assistant Susie performing a hysterectomy on Sheba the Siberian Tiger.

Chief the African Lion having a vasectomy.

Zebra with prolapsed rectum.

Dr. Carl Smith and Susie donate much of their time to the zoo. This type of dedication is what provides continued healthy wildlife at The Mobile Zoo. The support from people like them and yourself is what makes a difference, and the zoo possible. Providing a home, care, and security of endangered/non-endangered wildlife for everyone to enjoy.

George County Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Carl Smith, DVM

15259 Hwy.613

Lucedale, MS 39452


Licensed in Mississippi