So you want to be a ZooKeeper?

Dear Potential Zookeeper,

Working with wildife is a rewarding experience. Being able to provide a good environment for the animals survival while in captivity. A zookeeper is the daily lifeline in caring for a zoo's wildife. Cleaning living areas, feeding, watering, making sure physical conditions are healthy, and enhancement of their environmental conditions is a daily coarse of action. Conditioning the zoo's grounds so visitors will enjoy their presence while viewing the wildlife is second to the animals, but is essential for future returns by visitors. Zoo work is hard labor. Don't think all there is to do is play and interact with the animals. Work is hot and sweaty in summer, being cold in the winter. The work is very similar to farm life.
This zoo accepts volunteers on full or partime basis and has provisions for full time/part time regular keepers. Full time keepers have the option of housing at the zoo or off property. People who want to volunteer, need to be commited to an extended offer of donating their valuable time. Present zookeepers are very busy and can't afford to lose valuable time from their positions on people who only volunteer for a day or two. The exception are people who have special skills who are experienced and know how to perform their task.
If being a zookeeper still attracts your interest, we need you.


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Zookeeper Bonnie Smith and Buttercup.

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