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Property better example these in hampton for example Valuations SA another area in the bay side or gravelyland has gone up so much it's not evenconstruction costs and demand just landblocks or subdivisions are so scarceit's driving up property prices so youcan buy a townhouse today for example inbentley ,, you know twoyears from now the same town houseprobably on the market for . it's notso much the construction cost has goneup a population growth has gone up it'ssimply because the block today is muchcheaper to buy in terms of acquisitioncosts and purchase price for developerthis is tomorrow so what you do is andalso you look for developers that arepurchasing land recently and they'restill selling off the plane and they'rereally good comparable sales so what youdo is you need to research the marketand you need to create a journal becauseyou're going to start conditioning thevalue up on how to do this and I'm goingto talk about that as well in the secondnow what's the best way to research themarket the best way to do is to go to RPdata which is property value theconverter you and by reports on theproperty you've just purchased so let'ssay for example you've bought atownhouse.

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These are listings that came on the market and never sold. This is an indication that either the price, condition or location were not meeting the expectation of the Buyers.

The news usually has a negative spin, but more accurately we can look at the average days a home is on the market and then look at the current inventory and figure out the absorption rate.

Once we have taken a look at the comparables and figured out what is happening in the market, an experienced, knowledgeable Realtor can advise you on the best strategy to get top dollar. A rising market may be able to take a slightly higher price to start off with, whereas using that strategy in a declining market may cost you! In a market that can withstand mulitple offer situations, you definitely need the advice of a professional to make sure it doesn’t backfire!